‘Stop !Stop right there’,she pleaded,
To the steps which were never even approaching her,’Stay away’,she requested.

She said in a low voice,’I want you to come to me,
‘Do not even take a step forward because yet again you walking away from me,I cannot see’.

‘I wanna have long chats with you like we used to have ‘,she murmured,
‘Don’t even give it a thought to talk to me bacause trying to accept that you are gone,I have already suffered’.

She whispered,’I wanna stay best friends with you forever’,
‘Why did you have to return to me when all you had to do was leave me alone yet again?This time it hit harder’.

She expressed,’I still wish someday this distance will lessen’.
‘Do not give me hope that you will stay when you are no different from other men’.

‘I miss you .its lonely’,she cried.
Screaming,’Stop right there!I do not want you’ yet again she lied.