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March 2016

Yet again she lied

‘Stop !Stop right there’,she pleaded,
To the steps which were never even approaching her,’Stay away’,she requested.

She said in a low voice,’I want you to come to me,
‘Do not even take a step forward because yet again you walking away from me,I cannot see’.

‘I wanna have long chats with you like we used to have ‘,she murmured,
‘Don’t even give it a thought to talk to me bacause trying to accept that you are gone,I have already suffered’.

She whispered,’I wanna stay best friends with you forever’,
‘Why did you have to return to me when all you had to do was leave me alone yet again?This time it hit harder’.

She expressed,’I still wish someday this distance will lessen’.
‘Do not give me hope that you will stay when you are no different from other men’.

‘I miss you .its lonely’,she cried.
Screaming,’Stop right there!I do not want you’ yet again she lied.


The Purest Soul ❤️

The purest of the souls needed to be moulded into something angelic,
Something magical,something beautifully poetic.

He crafted this purity into a Woman,
Something so heavenly as bright as the rising sun.

He realised this world needed some love,some affection,
So he shaped her into a ‘mother’ who gave this world a direction.

When man needed a companion,someone who held his hand throughout life,
He framed her into a dutiful and supportive ‘wife’.

They asked for someone who could hold them up in their old age and about them who will bother.
For them,she was sculpted into something so charming and was named ‘daughter’.

He needed someone to play with,someone to share his secrets with,someone who will always protect him,
She was modelled into a ‘sister’ who was his shining armor even when the brightest light of life went dim.

Whenever this world needed her,
She transformed herself from one form of saviour to another.

Life without her is so unimaginable,
For a human like her is irreplacable.

Quote Challenge-Day 3



If only eyes could see souls instead of looks,our ideals of beauty would have been so different 🙂


Quote Challenge-Day 2


Beauty is being who I wanna be,
Beauty is the beyond reality dreams which I see,
Beauty is when I am my happiness’ key,
Beauty is ME.

Self love ❤️

You think you know me ?

You think you know me?
I am much more than what you actually see.

You may find only the brightest star,
Invisible is the whole of the galaxy though its not that far.

The happiest chapter might be the only one published,
Unnoticed goes whole of the book though it hasn’t vanished.

The most beautiful must be the flower that caught your eye,
Unobserved remains the rest of the garden though none of the flowers have gone dry.

The most melodious note of the song is the one you enjoyed,
Unheard left was the rest of the composition though its not void.

You think you know me ?
You might see the shore but I am something beyond the sea.

Quote Challenge-Day 1

Gladly,I have been nomianted by my dearest fellow blogger SyedaFR for the Quote Challenge.

So this is how it goes
1.Post in three consecutive days
2.You can pick one or three quotes per day.
3.Challenge three different bloggers per day.

Quote for the day 


For hope and faith are the only ways to destiny,
Keep them high in spirit even when you face hardships many 🙂

Moving forward,I would like to invite a few of my blogger mates to this challenge

3.John White

Happy blogging folks 🙂

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