She stopped , looked around and said,’This is not for what I am made’,
‘There is something more to me that would put my life in another shade’.

She stepped forward and let her wings out,
And said ‘I am made to fly , to horizons which I never ever thought about’.

She held her chin up with pride,in style,
‘I am made to reinvent the beauty of this world’,she conveyed with a charming smile.

She let her hair down in a shining stream,
And claimed,’I am made to portray the essence of love and affection,like a wonderful day dream.’

She put on her heels and stood up high,
‘I am made to dream for the unseen and soon reshape it into unbelievable reality’,she expressed with a spark in her eye.

She adjusted her sparkling crown in place,
‘I am made to lead people on the path which their heart beats for’,she voiced with a brightly lighten up face.

‘I am made for something beyond imagination,something beyond the known,
‘I am made to signify the power of hope and faith’,she orated settling on her throne.👸🏻