So little,so pure,
So adorable for sure.

So innocent,so tender,
With a heart as rich as a lender.

I am indeed special,
Wish I was protected like a pearl in a shell.

I am a boon,it’s said,
Then why am I so exploited?

In industries,in malls,
At houses and at stalls

I am made to toil hard,
Physically and mentally harassed.

Why do you want to put an end to my laughter?
By making me a slave to some master.

Can you not see the pain in my eye?
Even I want to live with the freedom to fly.

I don’t want to be a labour,
Please do something in my favour.

With a ray of hope,I plead,
Kindly be my shield.

Save me from those wicked hands,
Save children like me in all lands.