Dream! A dream I have seen for a lifetime,
A dream which rings in my head like a melodious chime.

A dream where I am going to multiply from 1 to 2, 2 to 3, 3 to many,
A dream I shall fulfill putting together every penny.

A dream to bring a wide smile on that wrinkled face,
A dream to hold them tight in a warm embrace.

A dream that will get several hands of blessing under one roof,
A dream that would bring all those gray-haired souls together which were once aloof.

A dream which would give me numerous special parents and we build a family,
A dream to make them realize that, for me, they are God’s gift..gift so lovely.

A dream to build a G’old’ age home I have seen with my eyes open wide,
A dream to spread love amongst those with golden hearts and make their life a wonderful ride.