Oops ! , I just felt some pressure,
What can this be, I wonder.

Hey ! Even I feel some burn,
We have been living peacefully all these years, now what’s this turn.

We have been ruling this area all this while and extending our empire,
All of a sudden , why are we being put up on fire ?

‘Yes , your end is very near my long time enemy’,
I told all the fat in my body, ‘now it’s going to be an end to your territory’.

‘No’,they yelled as I ran on the treadmill,
They pleaded,‘We are burning. Put us down from that grill’.

‘Never’,I roared with an evil laughter,
‘Dare you come back to me hereafter.’

They were on theirs knees begging for their survival,
I showed no mercy and stepped on the Cross trainer, their rival.

Determined I sweat it out and gradually they gave up,
I crunched them up and finally we had a break up.