I am glad we survived,
Even when the surface looked unreachable because of the height from which we dived.

Every morning I wished my phone beeped to a text which read your name,
But alas ! Little did i know that, in my best friend’s thoughts I never came.

You decided to distance yourself from people but I was the one who was left all alone,
My heart slowly and steadily , to pieces it was getting torn.

Deeply heartbroken,whenever I decided to give up on you,
There in front of my eyes flashed all the wonderful memories we lived together in a months few.

How things changed just in a while was still a mystery,
But I always prayed may there be more and more chapters in our story.

After months,when there seemed no ray of hope,
For the love of friendship,I still held on to the tip of the rope.

‘Yes , we survived !’ , I screamed with joy in my eyes, when I saw someone heading towards me taking baby steps,
‘There’s always a clear sky after the fog’, said my heart looking at the approaching footsteps.