I closed my eyes and I found you,

Being with u my brother,it felt something special,something new.


I hugged you and you kissed me,

And my face was glowing with utmost glee.


You bought me chocolates,you bought me gifts,

I knew you loved me to pieces,you loved me to bits.


Be it times of sorrow or of joy,

You were by my side with all the love you could deploy. ♥


You were the best brother,that fact they could see,

All my friends so jealous of you and me.


They always asked me whom I loved the most,

I just smiled cause they knew it was you..about whom I always boast.


Your presence in my life made me feel like a princess, ^_^

Every moment spent with you is very precious.


I said,”I love you bro”,

You replied,”I love you too my little baby…even more than I actually show”.


Then I heard u call my name,

I opened my eyes only to realize u never came.


There I was standing all alone without you,

My eyes searching fr you as far as they could view.


I whispered,”Come to me my brother,together we can be”,

But there was never you,there was just me 😦