What if life was not what it is?
Would you be sad or would it be a matter of bliss?

What if life was a beautiful painting?
Would you splash wonderful colours on it or let it pass gradually fading?

What if life was a dark cave?
Would you lighten it up with sparkles or just remain a darkness’ slave?

What if life was a riding horse?
Would you tame it with your love or stay away afraid of the falls?

What if life was an empty book?
Would you fill it with your adventures or leave it unopened after it’s first look?

What if life was a wavy Sea?
Would you surf in it with that magical feel of flying or remain at the shore finding shade under a tree?

What if life was what you design it to be? 🙂
Would you craft it with memorable experiences or construct it to be a lock which never found its key?