W.O.R.D.S-Made Alive


February 2016

The other shade of life


She stopped , looked around and said,’This is not for what I am made’,
‘There is something more to me that would put my life in another shade’.

She stepped forward and let her wings out,
And said ‘I am made to fly , to horizons which I never ever thought about’.

She held her chin up with pride,in style,
‘I am made to reinvent the beauty of this world’,she conveyed with a charming smile.

She let her hair down in a shining stream,
And claimed,’I am made to portray the essence of love and affection,like a wonderful day dream.’

She put on her heels and stood up high,
‘I am made to dream for the unseen and soon reshape it into unbelievable reality’,she expressed with a spark in her eye.

She adjusted her sparkling crown in place,
‘I am made to lead people on the path which their heart beats for’,she voiced with a brightly lighten up face.

‘I am made for something beyond imagination,something beyond the known,
‘I am made to signify the power of hope and faith’,she orated settling on her throne.👸🏻




Set me free !


They believed what they saw,
But only you knew that it was no flaw.

While they judged me behind my back,
Only you were the one who tried to look for what was behind that sack.

They concluded that I played the game,
Only you believed I was not worth that blame.

They claimed that I have cheated,
Only you knew all that was in my head.

They failed to understand that it has always been an emotional war,
Only you were aware what my heart beats for.

I am alone,I have no one in the world with me,
Allah,I knw you are the only one who loves me and can set me free.

The first step


Trust me, you can do it!
Just take that first step and your path will get brightly lit.

Worry not of the destination,
Just begin,let’s build the foundation.

Fear not if there seems no hope to succeed,
My dear, remember, a tall tree grows from just a tiny seed.

Proceed and your intention will get clearer,
The first step then the next step and just another step forward and your target is now nearer.

There may be people who will make you believe it’s impossible and will hold you back,
Push yourself off that couch and show them that you are much more than just being a slack.

My fellow mate, all you need is some courage to begin,
And then there’s no stopping you from grabbing your win.

Pray,let me live.

So little,so pure,
So adorable for sure.

So innocent,so tender,
With a heart as rich as a lender.

I am indeed special,
Wish I was protected like a pearl in a shell.

I am a boon,it’s said,
Then why am I so exploited?

In industries,in malls,
At houses and at stalls

I am made to toil hard,
Physically and mentally harassed.

Why do you want to put an end to my laughter?
By making me a slave to some master.

Can you not see the pain in my eye?
Even I want to live with the freedom to fly.

I don’t want to be a labour,
Please do something in my favour.

With a ray of hope,I plead,
Kindly be my shield.

Save me from those wicked hands,
Save children like me in all lands.

A Dream !


Dream! A dream I have seen for a lifetime,
A dream which rings in my head like a melodious chime.

A dream where I am going to multiply from 1 to 2, 2 to 3, 3 to many,
A dream I shall fulfill putting together every penny.

A dream to bring a wide smile on that wrinkled face,
A dream to hold them tight in a warm embrace.

A dream that will get several hands of blessing under one roof,
A dream that would bring all those gray-haired souls together which were once aloof.

A dream which would give me numerous special parents and we build a family,
A dream to make them realize that, for me, they are God’s so lovely.

A dream to build a G’old’ age home I have seen with my eyes open wide,
A dream to spread love amongst those with golden hearts and make their life a wonderful ride.

Every bit and piece of me


I want to stay up all night long,
And show myself that everything about me so wrong.

Why do I need someone always?
Even after I know no one ever stays.

Why do I love in abundance?
Even after the person has walked out of the fence.

Why can’t I leave them when they left me?
Even when I know, the pain in my heart and the tears in my eyes they cannot see.

Why don’t I learn that no one is worth it?
Even after falling repeatedly in the same pit.

Why do I give a chance to everyone to hurt me?
Even after I know no one cares however I be.

I hate myself for being me,
I hate every bit and piece of me.

The break up

Oops ! , I just felt some pressure,
What can this be, I wonder.

Hey ! Even I feel some burn,
We have been living peacefully all these years, now what’s this turn.

We have been ruling this area all this while and extending our empire,
All of a sudden , why are we being put up on fire ?

‘Yes , your end is very near my long time enemy’,
I told all the fat in my body, ‘now it’s going to be an end to your territory’.

‘No’,they yelled as I ran on the treadmill,
They pleaded,‘We are burning. Put us down from that grill’.

‘Never’,I roared with an evil laughter,
‘Dare you come back to me hereafter.’

They were on theirs knees begging for their survival,
I showed no mercy and stepped on the Cross trainer, their rival.

Determined I sweat it out and gradually they gave up,
I crunched them up and finally we had a break up.

I shut the door.


I yelled ‘Stop’ ! but it rolled down,
Yet I had to smile as wide as a Clown.

It said lemme go,I feel terrible in here,
But someone might see you,I fear.

Your heart will sink,don’t keep me in,
I let if flow though with a grin.

They kept rolling down,I couldn’t stop,
I went in the flashback with every drop.

They came,they cared,they loved,they vanished,
For letting them in , i got punished.

For every feeling of mine,I cried,
For every tear of mine,I died.

Now I shut the door never to open it again,
Cause now I neither need love nor pain.

We survived :)

I am glad we survived,
Even when the surface looked unreachable because of the height from which we dived.

Every morning I wished my phone beeped to a text which read your name,
But alas ! Little did i know that, in my best friend’s thoughts I never came.

You decided to distance yourself from people but I was the one who was left all alone,
My heart slowly and steadily , to pieces it was getting torn.

Deeply heartbroken,whenever I decided to give up on you,
There in front of my eyes flashed all the wonderful memories we lived together in a months few.

How things changed just in a while was still a mystery,
But I always prayed may there be more and more chapters in our story.

After months,when there seemed no ray of hope,
For the love of friendship,I still held on to the tip of the rope.

‘Yes , we survived !’ , I screamed with joy in my eyes, when I saw someone heading towards me taking baby steps,
‘There’s always a clear sky after the fog’, said my heart looking at the approaching footsteps.

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